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* Ages Newborn - 5 years

* Preschool curriculum for ages 3-5 years

*ICCP Accepted

*CPR & First Aid Certified

*Member of "Under the Umbrella" Food Program

*Boise City Licensed for 20 Years

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Welcome to Connie's Daycare!

Connie's Daycare is a private In-Home Daycare that specializes in the care of your Infants& Toddlers. We accept children ages Newborn thru 5 years.

We created a home away from home environment with loving care. For over 21 years, Connie's Daycare has had the privilege of sharing in the growth of numerous children providing a nurturing, safe, and reliable environment for your child to learn and explore.

We believe all children are precious gifts and we will treat them as though they are our own.

All children will be guided in developing appropriate social communication and home living skills. For the pre-school age child, basic concepts (shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and other educational choices) will be introduced and children will be able to learn through using manipulative materials, creative dramatics, music, art & movement.

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Site Map
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